2021 年 07 月 29 日

外來人口辦理新式統一證號(New UI No.)變更注意事項




    (一) 請您於換發「新式統號」後 親持下列文件至本會信用部臨櫃辦理變更帳戶資料:

  1. 載有新式統號之居留證
  2. 金融卡(如未申辦則免)
  3. 原留印鑑

    (二) 為節省您寶貴時間,可親至本會信用部或電洽服務專線 02-26416666  索取「資料異動申請書 (外來人口變更新式統一證號專用) 」,並先行填寫相關資料。

    (三) 如您未申請網路銀行、電話語音、金融卡,您可填妥上述申請書資料加蓋原留印鑑並檢附新式統號影印本,以郵寄方式寄送原開戶單位辦理變更資料。


    (一) 為維護您的權益,提醒您,本年度所得稅結算申報期間,請留意申報之統一證號與金融機構留存證號是否相符,以免影響自身權益。

    (二) 提醒您,改號後建議同步更新相關資訊予撥薪雇主、證券公司、公共事業費機關、稅捐機關等單位,以利後續順利辦理入扣帳作業。

如有相關問題可於營業時間中親洽本會信用部或電洽服務專線 02-26416666


FATCA 及 CRS 個人客戶自我聲明書暨個人資料同意書



The Notice for the Change Relating to New UI No. for Foreign Nationals

To establish a friendly environment for foreign nationals, the NIA will change the UI No. format for foreign nationals from the current code to a new code consisting of one English letter followed by nine digits (hereafter referred to as “new UI No.”), in conformity with the code used for citizens’ ID card numbers.

If you have applied for your new UI No., this is a reminder of the following contents:

Once your original UI No. is replaced, please take the following documents to any branch of our Credit Department to change your account information:

  1. The resident certificate with new UI No.。
  2. ATM card or Debit card (exempt if not applied)。
  3. The original seal。

To save your precious time, please contact any branch of our Credit Department during business hours, or call our customer service number:  02-26416666    for “Date Modification Application (for the change of the new UI No. for foreign nationals)” ,and fill in the relevant information first.

If you haven’t applied for internet banking, voice call, or ATM card, you can fill in the the above application, affix the original seal, and attach a photocopy of your new UI No., and send it to the original branch of the account to handle the change of information.

In addition, after applying for updating new UI No. to our Credit Department:

In order to protect your rights, we remind you that during the individual income tax return and declaration period of this year, please note whether the UI No. declared and which kept by the financial institution match, so as not to affect your own rights.

Remind you that it is recommended to update your new UI No. to payroll employers, securities companies, public utility fee agencies, taxation agencies and other agencies, so as to facilitate the subsequent process of automatic debit or direct fund transfer.

If there are related questions, please contact any branch of our Credit Department during business hours, or call our customer service number: 02-26416666.